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Emergency Command Center & Patrol Services

A professional and top level emergency command center and control room that operates 24/7, day and night, all year round, providing an operational response to break in / robbery / distress incidents, by trained patrol teams that physically arrive at the customer’s business premises.

Wired Alarm Systems

Supply and installation of the world's leading hi-tech and advanced protection systems, for protection of the interior and exterior surroundings of the business premises, with full congruence to the requirements of the business, including a direct link to our Company’s Emergency Command Center and Control Room that's manned 24 hours a day.
The best technological and human combination for your business.

Surveillance Cameras

Consulting and installation of interior and exterior surveillance cameras and digital recording systems that enable remote viewing by our Company’s “Seeing Eye" Emergency Command Center.
These advanced systems also provide customers with real time viewing of the business premises capabilities, at any given moment, from anywhere on Earth, using only a smart phone / personal computer.

Fire / Smoke Detection Systems

Our company specializes in the design, consulting and installation of advanced fire detection systems in compliance with Israeli Standard I. S. 1220, anywhere in the country.

We use UL and Israeli standards approved fire detection systems that are installed by a certified and professional team of fire detection systems installers.

Public Address Systems

Our Company supplies total solutions that include consulting, design, setting up and supply of public address systems.

The combination of highly skilled and technically experienced personnel with the best quality equipment in the industry from the best manufacturers in the world, enables us to provide quality solutions with full congruence to the customer’s requirements in the retail, industrial, municipal and security sectors.


Sophisticated and innovative video intercom systems that include a camera and which enable expanding the security perimeter of the business, by means of real time viewing of visitors.

In addition to voice identification, these systems allow for customers to view visitors prior to opening the door.

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