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Home Security

Emergency Command Center and Patrol Services

A professional and top level emergency command center and control room that operates 24/7, day and night, all year round, providing an operational response to break in / robbery / distress incidents, by trained patrol teams that physically arrive at the customer’s home.

Wireless Alarm Systems
Our company specializes in installing advanced wireless alarm systems (no wires running through the house / apartment), the perfect system for your home.
Our wireless systems are easy to operate, user friendly and bring about a new level of modularity, connectivity and style to the world of home control and security.
Wired Alarm Systems
Supply and installation of the world's leading hi-tech and advanced protection systems, including a direct link to our Company’s Emergency Command Center and Control Room, that's manned 24 hours a day.
The best technological and human combination for your home.
Surveillance Cameras
Consulting and installation of interior and exterior surveillance cameras and digital recording systems that enable remote viewing by our Company’s “Seeing Eye" Emergency Command Center.
These advanced systems also provide customers with real time viewing capabilities, at any given moment, from anywhere on Earth, using only a smart phone / personal computer.
Consulting and Planning

The stage of preliminary consulting and planning is a matter of prime importance, as it determines the requirements and level of professional installation, and prevents redundant malfunctions and problems later on.

Our Company puts the best security measures consultants in the industry at your disposal, to design the best protection system for your home.

Our professional installation teams will professionally install the security system, in a courteous manner and with the highest level of service awareness.

Supplementary Security Devices

Dedicated products that connect to the wireless alarm system in any home.

Flood detector – this detector will promptly alert our Company’s Emergency Command Center, which is manned 24 hours a day, of water leaks / seepage.
Early warning of water leaks by the flood detector prevents flooding that is liable to cause high cost property damage.
This is a must have product for every home.

Wireless smoke detector – a detector with particularly high sensitivity, elegant modern design and simple installation on the wall or ceiling, in every room, for the safety of your family and loved ones.

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