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Consulting and Planning

The stage of preliminary consulting and planning is a matter of prime importance, as it determines the requirements and level of professional installation, and prevents redundant malfunctions and problems later on.

Our Company puts the best security measures consultants in the industry at your disposal, to design the best and most professional protection system for the institutional, industrial and retail sectors.

Our seasoned and well versed installation teams will professionally install the security system, in a courteous manner and with the highest level of service awareness, in accordance with the requirements and layout of the premises.

Public Address Systems

Our Company supplies total solutions that include consulting, design, setting up and supply of public address systems.

The combination of highly skilled and technically experienced personnel with the best quality equipment in the industry from the best manufacturers in the world, enables us to provide quality solutions with full congruence to the customer’s requirements in the retail, industrial, municipal and security sectors.

Admission Control Systems

Computerized admission control systems that integrate hardware and software and which enable management and control of entry / access to secured premises.

Independent / integrated admission control at automatic gates (digital / biometric).

A perfect solution for managing visitors and employees at the entry points to the Organization’s sites.

Designing Advanced Security Systems

Many companies and organizations in the country have understood the importance of integrating security systems planning as an intrinsic part of the Organization’s activities.

Based on the experience of our company’s consultants in the field, the preliminary security system assessment is vitally important in selecting a protection system and adapting it to the structure of the Organization, the nature of its activities and the physical location of the premises.

Preliminary and correct design of the system and of the means of security, together with full integration with, and adaptation to, the needs of the Organization, will lead to significant saving in expenditure, as well as to the maximum effectiveness in the function of the electronic security system and the ability to provide real time solutions, and solutions in times of emergency, combined with the human factor of the Company’s Emergency Command Center, that operates 24/7, day and night, all year round.

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